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  • Universal Car Charger

  • Wall Charger

  • USB Charger

blu PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit

E-Cigarette Wall Chargers

Available for the blu, blu Premium, and blu Premium100 Rechargeable Kits, these two-pronged wall chargers are compatible with any standard 120v wall outlet. Prongs are retractable for easy fold up and storage.

USB Charger

Fitting any standard USB port, the USB Chargers are compatible with both Mac and PC. These convenient e-cigarette chargers are a great way of ensuring that your batteries are always ready when and where you want to smoke.

Car Charger

You can charge as you commute. The blu Car Charger is compatible with any car’s standard 12V DC outlet/cigarette lighter. Includes a USB charger cord that can be used with any USB port device.