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Ashless Tray


Compatible with all blu electronic cigarette cartridge models.

Where do you put your blu™ electronic cigarette in between puffs? On a table? A desk? Anywhere you can find? Why have your favorite e-cigarette roll around (or roll OFF!!) a flat surface? Instead, use the ASHLESS TRAY!

You already know blu e-cigarettes have “no ash.” With this idea in mind, we decided nothing would be a better complement than the ashless tray! Compact and innovative, the ashless tray conveniently holds all blu electronic cigarettes.

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love it rechargeable kit
5.0 5stars



Very happy
5.0 5stars

I love having this little beauty.


More of a question
5.0 5stars

I love this thing, and ya it charging would be nice but not very practical, there would have to be something on the side of the battery for it to connect to. My the image theres a blu with a swirly pattern...I would LOVE to be able to purchase decorative batteries! Any thoughts on that? Cause theres money to be made on that idea lol


Love it
5.0 5stars

I'm always misplacing or losing my blu cig even when it is laying next to me. This makes it much easier to set down and find rather than constantly placing it back in the pack over and over. Awesome idea!!!


Charging ability!
4.0 5stars

I agree, this is a great idea as I suffer these problems sometimes but I won't buy it because it doesn't charge. Thai would be a blu cigs iconic accessory if it would charge the battery while placed in the tray.


ash tray
3.0 5stars

It would have been a great idea if this also charged the battery!

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