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Java Jolt Pack

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Compatible with the blu™ Rechargeable and Premium Pack. Not for use with Premium100 Pack.

With a warm, inviting aroma and an unmistakable coffee bean taste, Java Jolt e-cig flavors evoke the laidback rhythm of coffeehouse culture and quaint sidewalk cafés. Enjoying this flavor is like sitting back and sipping a cup of refined medium-roast espresso beans, slow-brewed to piping hot perfection. Java Jolt is a pure and robust e-cigarette flavor any discerning coffee connoisseur will love.

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Love Java Jolt
5.0 5stars

Java Jolt is definitely my favorite. Wouldn't it be great if it were also caffeinated?


4.0 5stars

I agree with some of the others. The java which is my favorite gives me a workout trying to retrieve the flavor. classic tobacco, cherry, mag menthol-no problems but to be honest you are so far the best out of 5 distributors that I tried.


Its okay
4.0 5stars

I think what I like Java is it's taste good, but I can see why is wouldn't be everyones cup of tea. One of the things I have discovered in the drawing, is to take little puffs and warm it up. Then it drags just fine. But that is just me. I did, buy more. So far I am on day two cig free, but I go in 15 min increments, so who knows what will happen in the next 15 min. Either way, good luck to all.


Burnt Popcorn....however growing on me...
4.0 5stars

I just received my blu rechargeable kit in the mail today. The first flavor I tried was Vivid Vanilla...which I enjoyed; reminded me vaguely of coffee creamer vanilla. Second, I tried Java Jolt. The first drag I took tasted like I just inhaled from a fresh bag of burnt popcorn. Needless to say, I didn't enjoy it. my day has gone on, I've rotated between Java, Vanilla and Menthol....and it's starting to taste more like espresso when you bite into chocolate covered espresso beans (minus the grit). Hard to stomach at first, but seriously growing on me. I would buy this flavor again.


Not bad, not good.
3.0 5stars

I've tried 3 of the 5 flavors so far (Vivid Vanilla, Java Jolt, and Cherry Crush), and Java Jolt is the worst of the 3. It has decent flavor, but it was very hard to get anything from a regular drag. It literally took 2-3 puffs before I got any vapor from it. Customer service said it was a thicker juice than the others, and that I should roll it in my palms before I used it. That helped, but it was still not as good as Cherry Crush or Vivid Vanilla. It lastest me as long as a pack of regular cigarettes would have. Needs work, won't buy again till it's improved on.


Pros and cons
3.0 5stars

I agree with all of the statements before this one. Although I love the taste of the Java Jolt, you really have to work on getting a good "pull" from it. By the time you get a good vape, you can feel how warm/hot the device gets. With that being said, I wouldn't change to another brand. I would just like to see an improvement on this particular flavor product. The Classic works well, I must say, and I have just ordered the Vivid Vanilla and Cherry Crush to try them out.

I love the Blu, guys, just need to work on a couple of things. I still recommend you to others.


Java Jolt
5.0 5stars

I just got my new rechargeable pack, and the Java Jolt tastes great!


Love it
4.0 5stars

I love Java Jolt. It tastes just like fresh ground coffee smells to me.


loves blu cig
5.0 5stars

all the flavors are amazing ,its like a virus all my friends and family want to have it, like me!!


3.0 5stars

I thought Java was a little overpowering on taste but the carts last a long time. I personally would rather have the Classic over the Java.


Positive Review
5.0 5stars

I found one brand where the batteries seemed to last longer maybe ... BUT ... I've been enjoying Blu for @ two years now. The charging pack, the customer service and prices are unbeatable.

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