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Premium E-Cig Rechargeable Kit - White

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Premium White Rechargeable Kit

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SKU# I7000W

  • 1 blu Premium pack with Social Features!
  • 2 Rechargeable batteries
  • 1 blu Premium wall charger
  • 1 blu Premium USB charger
  • 1 five-pack cartridges in the strength and flavor of your choice

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Great product
4.0 5stars

After alot of internet investigation I chose Blu because of alot of reviews and i am not disappointed ! Great flavor I just wish the rechargeable had the same ammount of vapor as the disposable ones. But over all a super great product. I just ordered the 100'sweekend for my wife Lisa.
Thanks Blu


Should have started sooner
4.0 5stars

Always said I would never join the e cigs bandwagon. But over the last month my stamina at the gym has been dropping off and I was waking up feeling like I couldn't breathe. After researching many electronic cigarette companies online I went with Blu. I was going through about a pack a day and liked the recharging feature on the pack so I wouldn't get stuck without nicotine. The premium kit has the most "bang for the buck" as far as what you get with it. I had tried the disposables and thought they were pretty good, but the kit is so much better. It's been almost 2 weeks since my last cigarette and I don't think I'm going back. No smoke, no smell, no ash, I don't have to go outside in the cold at work. I can't believe I was so stubborn all this time. *For the record, the only reason I gave it 4 stars, is because of the fairly bright blue LED that is a part of the logo on the front of the pack. I wish I could turn it off all together, or at least dim it down.


Very Satisfactory - well worth the money
4.0 5stars

The blu costs considerably less than real cigarettes, I like the Cherry Crush flavor a lot, and the pack and ecigs are performing as advertised. Just one problem - every once in a while, after a few drags the cartridge and/or battery heats up and I have to let it cool down. Work on that, guys. Other than that, I am very satisfied.


awesome i finally can smoke around my dad in his house
5.0 5stars

my brother came down to visit and let me try one of his. Smooth taste, very good product. Props to whomever came up with this. I recommend it to everyone


taste is the best
5.0 5stars

i have tried a different ecig and the taste of the blu is far superior


Super Awesome!
5.0 5stars

I absolutely love Blu cig. I am a huge fan. Its great when I am in places that I can 't smoke, I just whip out my blu and I am satisfied. Tastes pretty close to a regular cigarette but most important, it takes care of the cravings. I have recommended blu to several friends and they are hooked too. I am ordering the upgraded premium pack and love the fact that I can use my old batteries from the original pack - and I also love they offer the white pack and can use the black cigs, so I can find the pack in my purse.


Who needs a cig
5.0 5stars

Gosh I was amazed at how it fulfills my nicotine cravings. I just started using blu last Friday and haven't wanted a real cigarette since. The cherry flavor is really good. I just ordered the vanilla. I can't wait to try it and the other flavors as well! Everyone needs to try blu!


I love this thing
5.0 5stars

Just got mine in the mail today and I've been using it. Smoking always helps me collect my thoughts, but it sucked when I had to go outside to do it. Now whenever I'm writing or drawing, I can just grab my Blu and smoke while working. The taste is excellent, the smoke is not so different from that of a cigarette, and I'll be saving money in the long run.

I also love the pack it comes in and how convenient it is to charge the battery.

Awesome product.


Try It! Love It!
5.0 5stars

I've tried it for a day and this morning I'm ordering my own! This product will surprise you and surly make your life easier on were you want to smoke... Freedom is back!


Social Nut Here
5.0 5stars

Social Media Features!!!! I think it is AWESOME that i can find another blu user just by walking into the same place they are. What a GREAT way to meet someone, start a conversation, and bum a blu! HAHA
Awesome idea!
A few of my friends have been converted to blu users thanks to me. Now i just need them to upgrade with me to the smart pack, then we can start a blu revolution!


Couldnt be happier
5.0 5stars

This is my first e-cig product. After a lot of research and questions I feel like blu is ahead of the game. So far I like that I know exactly how much life a battery has. I didnt think I would, but I LOVE the classic tobacco flavor. hint of coffee or vanilla, but it is amazing.
I think I will have friends ordering blu just for the cool factor. I really like the light on the front that flashes when I open my pack.
Already a great conversation starter and I have only been to work and back! haha


Slick, Sexy, and Cool
5.0 5stars

BLU!!! so many things i love.....where to begin.
* the new battery system is SO GREAT. as soon as I started charging my new pack I thought to myself, " how did I ever get along without the little battery lights?"
I can not tell you how many times I would have to make my battery last all day because I forgot to plug it in or didnt realize i was low. I love my blu and that just doesnt cut it!
This simple little change is going to make my life SO much better.


Where is the 6th star?
5.0 5stars

I started to use blu just over a year ago and will never go back to any other e-cig company.
1.Free Shipping is always fast.
2. Customer Service is obviously there to make me happy! :-)
3. New products, new website, new flavors(so says facebook)
You already have the best product out there, keep the train rolling!
Oh, and awesome job with the new pack! I CANT WAIT until i get shipping, free shipping, free shipping

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