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blu Rechargeable Kits: A Step Above

Our rechargeable kits are designed for maximum efficiency and portability. Plus, they're super slick looking.

e cig Rechargeable kits
e cig xpress kit
PLUS+ Xpress Kit
  • Same technology as blu PLUS+, no pack
  • Convenient USB charger with 1 battery
  • Includes 2 Classic Tobacco blu Tanks
e cig Rechargeable kits
PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit
  • Our longest-lasting batteries (includes 2)
  • Includes 3 Classic Tobacco blu Tanks
  • Super satisfying draw and throat hit

Electronic cigarette rechargeable kits from blu eCigs come with everything you need to start enjoying a no odor and no ash smoking experience. Each e-cig rechargeable kit comes with a one year warranty on all electronic components. The pack holds your blu Tank™ systems and will charge your batteries even while you are on-the-go.

Kits not your thing? Check out blu Disposables for an e-cig you can use and toss!