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USB Charger

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Compatible with all blu electronic cigarette battery models.

Fitting any standard USB port, the blu™ electronic cigarette USB Chargers are compatible with both Mac and PC. These convenient e-cigarette chargers are a great way of ensuring that your batteries are always ready when and where you want to vape. (Wall Chargers sold separately)

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Charge your e-cigs on your Mac or PC with the blu eCigs® electronic cigarettes USB charger.

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Compact and Convenient
5.0 5stars

The USB charger is great! Very convenient and portable. I almost always have a USB port at hand, so it works perfectly for me and charges quickly enough.


good charge
4.0 5stars

it works really good and almost every where i go i can find a USB port to plug it into.
When full charge it can last about all day in a moderate manner, but i would stick with the pack charging
cause it lasts longer and better. but over all really good and worth 13 dollars!


works anywhere
5.0 5stars

I have plugged this handy little charger into any and every USB slot I have in my house including my phone chargers, USB port, my car charger, my car power inverter, and just today my Xbox 360 which it fit into to front port perfectly. So charging anywhere with any powered 5v USB port earns 5 stars in my book.. also charges fairly quick so no complaints there either


a little thought
5.0 5stars

i love the usb charger and i love the pack charging feature but i travel alot and am in a truck most of the days if blu could come out with a car charger it would be great! all it would have to do is be usb compatable and it could charge either the pack or a single battery. jus a thought! i have no real complaints about battery life of either though i have found that the pack charger does not charge my batterys to last very long. i do have the premium pack and the battery management system does work somewhat but it does not always charge in general. i had to add to the coushion at the top of the pack at times to make the spare battery charge. i do not know if thats a problem with the origional screw in charger or if the coushon on the top of my pack is damaged or what.. like i said it is not a big deal and i have no real complaints but a car charger would be great. in general i love my blu and think they have the ability to go great places. thanks blu!!!!!


To comment on the below post.....
5.0 5stars

It sounds to me like your post would fit better under the charger pack reviews... but to disagree with you both the charger pack and the USB charger have always worked great for me. They say in the instructions that you should remove the battery as soon as the blue light on the side of the charger pack turns off or else it drains the battery because of the safety feature... I would assume this is the problem you are running into because mine works great.

Either way the USB charger is wonderful, works right away in any computer... no installation time and a very fast charge. A+ Blu


about the product
3.0 5stars

I think the product is fairly good with one exception. my signifagent other and i have now had 3 charger packs and each work equally,
which is poor at best. The charger packs do not bring the charge depth high enough to sustain more than 4 to 12 puffs per charge.
On the other hand the USB charger will charge the batteries to the point that they will last nearly all day under moderate usage. I thought that the problem might have been in the batteries; However, the USB test proved that to be incorrect. Just wanted to get mu two cents in FYI.....

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