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Wall Charger

SKU# I4003C

This wall charger is designed to recharge packs – IT WILL NOT RECHARGE INDIVIDUAL BATTERIES. Compatible with the blu Rechargeable Pack, Premium or Premium100. Not for use with the Original Pack.

These two-pronged wall chargers are compatible with any standard 120v wall outlet. Prongs are retractable for easy fold up and storage.

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Our wall chargers are designed to recharge your Rechargeable, Premium, & Premium100 packs.

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4.0 5stars

ive been using e cigs for about two motnhs now and i have tried a ton of other brands and nothing has even come close to the quality flavor and ease of these. i have saved 500 dollars since i switched to these. Thank you


Thanks blu
5.0 5stars

I did "briefly" try one disposable e-cig brand other than blu... I wasn't very impressed. I love your product, been passing on the blu brand to those who were curious / interested. I love the variety of blu flavors, I just wish the batteries would last a bit longer though... getting a 5 star anyway.


Great Product
5.0 5stars

I have been vaping the Blu for 2 months now, and I am very satisfied. I have tried all the flavors and have enjoyed each one.

Now, Blu it is time to bring more flavors to the table and add some accessories too personalize the experience.


This is awesome
5.0 5stars

I so happy that I bought my Blu cigs. I just wish my batteries lasted longer but other then that I sold!!!!! I hope they come out with other favors soon.


Micro USB, not Mini USB
3.0 5stars

I am mostly posting this review to state that the charger used is a Micro USB charger. Tis listed as being a Mini USB charger, however this is not the case. I love my blu very much!!!


5.0 5stars

I recently sent for other E-Cigs brand and their rechargeable kit. Was OK, but not great. Went to Walgreens and bought the BLU disposable, much much better. I bought the BLU rechargeable kit Oct 27, 2011. I have smoked a long time, and this is the closest I have seen. I also bought a while back another e-cig but it was garbage.


I love blu!
4.0 5stars

I have tried every brand out there and Blu is the only one that is dependable, enjoyable and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is problems with the batteries. They still seem to last longer than the others though.


4.0 5stars

I love this product. The only thing stopping me from giving this 5 stars, is the fact that you came out with a new pack and it costs even more than the original... Might still buy it though.


Love it
4.0 5stars

I love my blu! I got my husband and two friends to also use blu. My only problem has been with battery issues. That is the only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars.


5.0 5stars

I love blu cig. I started smoking in the Army back in june, 2006. Just before my wife had our first son i stopped smoking. I loved to smoke. Sounds crazy I know. I'm not one to just smoke around friends. I Smoked more just sitting around the house by myself. BluCig is my way to enjoy smoking again. I love just having my blu cig around the house, and definitely when i go to a party. Thanks Blu for coming out with this great product. I will be a life time user.


5.0 5stars

LOVE this product!!!!


awesome product
5.0 5stars

I love the product. User since January 8th. Since I started smoking this product.

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